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After a job lasted 6 months, the book "WORKOUT THE SOCIAL INCLUSION" has been published and the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) code has been registered: 979-12-200-3321-3.  

The book is separated in three parts:

Part one: From residences for mental health to social inclusion and rehabilitation trough integrated sport

- Therapeutic Communities: short history, context of action, methodology, users in the Italian territory
- Problem description: the social inclusion of the disabled psychic person
- Reference theories: models and methodologies used for psychiatric and psychosocial inclusion and rehabilitation
- Sport used as a rehabilitation technique
- History of therapeutic communities and residential cares on Bulgarian national territory
- Different types of Therapeutic Communities and future development of therapeutic care in Bulgaria
- Laws, Methods, Policies in relation to the social inclusion of the person with mental disabilities on the Bulgarian national territory - Theories and models prevalently used for social reintegration, psychiatric and psychosocial rehabilitation in Bulgaria 
- Which scopes and objectives foreseen for the target of the rehabilitation actions in Bulgaria
- Flat share and residential communities in Germany 
- Philosophy of Integrated Sport: rules, principles, values 

Part Two: Methodologies and Techniques for the management of sport activities

- What skills for rehabilitation in mental health through sport? 
- Rehabilitation methodologies through sport
- Techniques of sport rehabilitation and sport social inclusion. A Bulgarian view
- Integrated Football: the new frontier of sport for all
- Which activities can be used as integrated sports techniques? A German view
- Integrated sport and benefits (not just) for disability: a methodology that aims to promote community (and Therapeutic Community)  well-being and mental health

Part Three. Integrated sport and the territory: communication, management and dissemination.

- How to compare with families: basic communication skills useful for daily work with the public and the addressee’s needs
- Needs and reflections emerged for teachers and sports centers in daily management activities
- Interviews with players, family, sport organizations: experiences on the "field"  and the importance of knowing  territory and its needs. A survey proposal.
- Sport rehabilitation and social inclusion in Italy (Carsoli AQ): An observation for good practices, between difficulties and opportunities   

The authors are: Antonelli Angelini, Filippo M. Jacoponi, Massimo Scarabattoli (Therapeutic Community Passaggi), Yoanna Dochevska, Stefka Djobova, Ivaylo Lazarov, Ivaylo Zdravkov (Bulgarian Sports Development Association), Herbert Spindler, Felix Schulz, Mario Greßmann (Sozial Label E.V.), Rosa De Luca (Municipality of Carsoli), Andrea Bruni and Luca Gallina (CSEN).

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