The C.S.E.N. - Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale (=National Educational Sport Centre) is a Body for Sports Promotion recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee CONI. and by the Italian Paralympic Committee C.I.P.; it is also a Welfare Body recognized by the Italian Ministry for Internal Affairs; CSEN is recognized as a National Body for Social Promotion (Registration no.77 National Register of Ministry of Labour and Welfare Policies – Law no.383/2000) and is registered in the Provisional Register for National Civil Service. CSEN aims to promote and disseminate sporting activities with a high social value; to contribute to developing sports, thus reaching the objective of “sports for everybody and belonging to everybody”  (in line with the “Sport for All” movement); to establish favourable conditions for a wider development of physical education, sports and health; to cooperate with the C.O.N.I., Sporting Federations, schools, Regions and Local Authorities, with social and political groups as well as with autonomous organizations from other countries; to promote the growth of Sporting Clubs; to operatenot-for–profit across Italy.