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Conclusione del progetto Europeo Erasmus: Speech Project

L'email che sancisce ufficialmente la conclusione del progetto Erasmus+, Speech Project, al quale abbiamo partecipato fin dall'inizio, e che è durato 2 anni e mezzo coinvolgendo 3 paesi europei, Italia, Germania e Bulgaria:

Dear partnership,

I'm glad to inform you that this morning the Final Report of SPEECH Project have been submitted to European Agency EACEA, in good time before the deadline of the 31/08.
Thanks to the efforts and the passion of the partnership which made possible to reach the objectives of this wonderful project!

I hope that this project can be a source of inspiration for others and a success story in Erasmus+ Platform of Project Results!

I wish you a good summer holiday!
Warm regards,
Andrea Bruni and Luca Gallina

C.S.E.N. - Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale
Project Office